La petite auberge
La petite auberge
La petite auberge
Poterie avec dessin d'art
Atelier forge de lame
Couteau manche en bois local et lame forgé
Tire bouchon avec manche représentant le Ventoux
couvert à salade en bois local
cuillère en bois local
Poterie avec dessin
tour de potier
assiette avec bouteille cote Ventoux
tasse avec portrait de femme

    Workshop of Laura Rachez and Lucas Poutout, artists and craftspersons : oil paintings, watercolours, pottery, forged utility knives, sculptures.
    Open to the public.

    Our story

    We are a couple of artists living in Provence, in a workshop-gallery called "La Petite Auberge" in the village of Monieux.

    Attached to the figurative technique, Laura makes oil and watercolours representing the interior of her house, an autobiographical writing where colour holds a great place, and utility potteries inspired by her drawings from live models.

    Lucas sculpts poetic silhouettes out of wood, on which he applies subtle patinas of natural pigments. His silhouettes walk in a dream.

    He also creates utility items in wood as well as knives.

    We work in sincerity, one could say that the word that best describes our creations is spontaneity. We are both passionate self-taught people, constantly seeking to bring dreams closer to reality.

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