Esprit Parapente school is a professional school FFVL, Youth and Sports. Tandem flight and training course. Possibility of flight for children.

    The Provençales Baronnies are a privileged area for paragliding, with numerous natural sites, one of the purest sky in Europe, breathtaking landscapes... and surprising thermal updraughts!

    Esprit Parapente suggests individual courses thanks a two-seater paragliding. You will enjoy two-seater flights which will enable you to discover the basics of the activity: introduction or advanced training courses, "à la carte" training courses, itinerant bivouacs, to fly far from the agitation of the Earth.

    Possibily to go back home with HD picture of your flight.

    Esprit Parapente School is a Professional school FFVL, Youth and Sports.

    We welcome pilots from 12 years-old on!

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