Rehabilitation works of the top of Mont Ventoux

The access to the top of Mont Ventoux will be disrupted in 2020 due to important works in order to develop the site facilitating public access.



Consequently, for security reasons, specific arrangements will come into force from April to October 2020 as follow :

- On the road D974 between Col des Tempêtes and le Radôme, all motorised traffic is strictly forbidden.

- The arrivals to the summit of the sports events are not possible, they can be moved to Chalet Reynard or the Mont Serein resort.

- The sports events with a simple crossing point by the summit are possible only during the weekend under the sole responsibility of the organisers who are also asked to secure and to clean the area concerned. Due to the important roadworks the passage width doesn't allow groups of cyclists to pass.

Source: Département du Vaucluse / Pôle aménagement