In the western foothills of Mont Ventoux, this hike starts from the lookout Point (Belvédère) of La Madeleine. The hike goes up and down like a roller coaster and reveals countless charms - the refreshingly cool valley of the Combre de Milan, the grandiose landscapes that open before you when the trail climbs upward to reach the Rocher du Roucas. Then down you go into the Combe Obscure, an ancestral trail used since time immemorial, between Bédoin and malaucène.

Signs: GR (white/red); PR (yellow); no signs  between points 4 and 5.
Ref IGN : TOP25 3140ET: Mont-Ventoux

OPENRUNNER File 8798186
GPX Track

Balisage : GR (blanc/rouge); PR (jaune); sans balisage (entre les points 4 et 5)
Référence de la carte IGN : TOP25 3140ET: Mont-Ventoux
Chaussures de randonnée recommandées.

OPENRUNNER Fiche 8798186
GPX Track