Try paragliding above Ventoux as part of a club or for your first experience flying through the air! Wander through the cavities of Albion's Saint Christol or visit the Grotte de Thouzon. Do you prefer being high in the sky or deep underground?

In the sky...

From Ventoux to Luberon, nature has magnificent sites that are ideal for trying out aerial sports all throughout the season. There are many ways to see our countryside from the sky. Gliders, aircraft and microlights set off from Carpentras Paragliding departs from Mont-Ventoux and Sault Whether you are experienced or enjoying a simple flight, take an unforgettable trip through the skies around Mont Ventoux!

Aerodrome  : +33(0)4 90 30 01 16 

Fan de Lune Paragliding Club :
Manages the Mont-Ventoux and Saint Jean de Sault sites
 Maison du Département 84390 SAULT +33(0)4 90 64 02 92 T. 06 61 42 20 24 /

Fly Sorgue Ventoux :
at the Pernes les Fontaines aerodrome, for your first experience flying in an autogyro

Parapente Paragliding School - Sault
introductory flight in a two-seater, as well as beginner and development courses.
+33(0)6 50 64 22 50,

Esprit Parapente in Villefranche-le-Château
Offering everything from two-seater flights to pilot training
+33(0)6 63 77 71 91, 

Baronnies 26 Paragliding School
introductory flights in a two-seater as well as speed flying lessons (small wing) Where can I find out more?
+33(0)6 62 11 74 56

Underground caving

Try out caving next to Saint Christol, near to Sault on the Albion plateau. It is a 1,100km2 area with 450 known cavities, the deepest of which descends 980m. The Albion plateau is one of the most important karstic massifs in France. All the underground run-off comes from rainwater that finds its way into the caves. Then you arrive, as if by magic, in the famous Fontaine de Vaucluse! The association, ASPA, allows you to travel into the depths of the earth. It is a fun and active experience that will reveal the mysteries of the way of ‘underground Sorgues'. Take part for a day or half-day (from 6 years old, accompanied by an adult, booking required).

ASPA - Saint Christol d'Albion
Tél +33(0)4 90 75 08 33

Aventure Souterraine - Saint Christol d'Albion
Tél. +33 (0)4 30 39 62 21

Karstic walk

This path, that sets off from Saint Christol d'Albion village, will allow you to discover the birthplace of the mysterious Fontaine de Vaucluse! 12 information panels teach you about caving, how caves are formed and the region’s geology. The walk takes around 2 hours (2.5km)

Les Grottes de thouzon
Tél +33(0)4 90 33 93 65

Underground, the Grotte de Thouzon

A little further away, in the village of Thor, a cave is hidden at the foot of the hill. It is the only cave in Vaucluse and is the fossil bed of an ancient underground river. The Grotte de Thouzon is also called the Grotte aux Fées (Fairy Cave)! Discover stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, rimstones, cave pearls, surge tanks, talus cones, shafts, meanders and flint nodules. The delicacy of the stalactites (2m in length and 3mm in diameter) gives the cave its magical atmosphere and makes it stand out!

Take to the skies!

Located on the Albion plateau, at an altitude of 1,100m and with a 360° panoramic view, Sirene Astronomical Observatory welcomes the general public forsessions to stargaze and discover the sky. Located on a former nuclear missile launch zone and benefiting from the sky above the Albion plateau, which is unaffected by light pollution, you can experience a celestial exploration day or night in an exotic setting. The Sirene Observatory is managed by a not-for-profit organisation, established under the 1901 law in France. Its enthusiastic volunteers are here to welcome you all year round. Booking is required.

Observatoire astronomique SIRENE
D 34
84400 Lagarde d'Apt
+33 (0)4 90 75 04 17