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Musée géologique
Musée géologique

    The museum presents geology, paleontology and archeology of Mormoiron. Gypsum, clay, siliceous sand and ochre as well as their exploitation are exhibited with illustrated documents.

    The cultural centre innovates with its 360° virtual tour. A unique experience that will allow you to discover its museum, its art room or its library as you have never seen them before... The aim is to provide access to culture for all in a fun and interactive experience on computer, tablet or smartphone.

    A visit that will whet your curiosity and the discovery of our region. Admire the panorama, you are our guests!

    So click now on the link to start your visit to the cultural centre and take off!

    - my.matterport.com/show/ and roundme.com/tour/809840/view/2558266/

    For those who wish to see the real thing, there are numerous photographs and videos explaining the geological phenomena on site.

    From the Paleolithic to the Gallo-Roman period, a collection of fossils, flints and pottery are on display. Visitors cannot miss the cast of a Paleotherium skeleton (38 million years old), a fossil mammal extracted from the Mormoiron quarries in 1904. It is one of the few to have been found complete to date.

    The museum is part of a rich architectural and natural heritage. You can also continue your visit, thanks to an orientation trail, "the sands of Mormoiron".

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