Access to the top of Mont Ventoux

Please note that the access to the summit will be closed via Bédoin, Sault and Malaucène from Monday 14th November 2022.

Reopening by Bédoin and Sault on 7th April 2023 and by Malaucène- Beaumont du Ventoux on 5th May 2023. 

The access to the Mont-Serein station (Beaumont du Ventoux via the village of Malaucène) and to the Chalet Reynard station (via Bedoin and Sault) remains possible all year round.



New regulation: By prefectural decree, snow tyres or chains are compulsory to access Mont Ventoux between Nov.1 - March 31.

This applies to all private vehicles, including commercial vehicles, but also to campervans, buses and trucks without trailers.

The obligation will not apply to vehicles equipped with studded tyres.

For trucks with trailers or semi-trailers, in addition to winter tyres, they will also have to have snow chains to equip at least two driving wheels.

What is special equipment?

Cars must have removable anti-skid devices in their trunks (metal snow chains or "socks" that can be fitted to at least two driving wheels), or be equipped with four winter tyres.

9 communes are concerned in the Vaucluse: inhabitants or visitors of Aurel, Sault, Saint-Trinit, Saint Christol d'Albion, Lagarde d'Apt, Monieux, Beaumont du Ventoux, Malaucène and Bédoin. For Malaucène and Bedoin, only the main access road to the Ventoux, the RD 974 at Le Groseau and Saint-Estève.