In order to help you discover the site of the Salettes lake in an original way, the commune of Mormoiron offers you the opportunity to practice orienteering.

In a playful, sporting and educational way, the proposed routes allow the practice of orienteering for all ages!

It is a leisure activity that consists of discovering markers located on the ground, by the route of one's choice, using a map and possibly a compass.

The markers are wooden posts with a number to check if you are in the right place, and a "coded" clip to approve the passage to the marker.

Link to the route "Rouge"

Link to the route "Bleu"

Link to the "Family route"

Link to the "Kid's route"

During the course you will discover different coloured sands which are specific to Mormoiron where many quarries have been or still are operating.

The white sand on the beach comes from quarries near the lake. This white sand is used in the glass industry, the foundry and more recently in leisure activities.