The cliff of Devens is situated at Méthamis in the geological domain of the gorges of the Nesque, designated as a protected area Natura 2000 for its exceptional fauna and flora.




36 climbing routes

With a length of approximately 150 metres the cliff has 36 climbing routes with degrees of difficulty ranging from 5c to 7b.

Facing south-east and south-west. Maximum height 30 metres. On site information board about the courses and their quotation. 

Natura 2000 site

The cliff is a sensitive rock environment sheltering many heritage species like the Phoenician juniper, able to develop itself during centuries in the holes of the rock or like the Eagle Owl, a rare and protected nocturnal rapter.

Therefore, and in order to insure the tranquility to the birds in the nesting period, the climbing activities are forbidden in the area between Februar 1 an July 31.



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