A family walk in the middle of nature without great difficulty, for a few hours of pleasure!

The itinerary starts in the heart of Sault (in front of the tourist office) and then crosses the hamlets of La Loge and Verdolier and its highlands;

Distance: 11 km, difference in altitude 200m

Free leaflet available at the tourist office.

La Loge

This hamlet of about twenty houses, below the village of Sault, is crossed by the Nesque river.

In the past, this place was a horse relay (the loges) and in 1876, the 22 households that lived there represented 92 inhabitants.

Numerous archaeological discoveries have provided interesting information about this site.

La Loge also had a monastery and a church dedicated to Notre-Dame de la Tour.


At the bottom of a deep valley, a group of houses hangs on to the first foothills of the Ventoux, it is the hamlet of Verdolier which huddles around its church.

Now a branch church under the title of Saint-Dominique, Saint-Louis-Bertrand-et-Sainte-Rose, it was built in 1673 by the inhabitants of the hamlet of "Val de Divolier or Valdolier" Verdolier nowadays.

Restored since 1985, the church has retained only the high altar, the pulpit, the confessional and a holy water font.

Verdolier is also a starting point for hikes in the Mont Ventoux massif.

The Highlands and its cultures

Agricultural activity has always revolved around livestock, cereal and lavender growing.

The cultivation of small spelt or einkorn (Triticum monococcum) forms a varied landscape with the cultivated fields of sage, clary sage, lavender, santolin and cornflower.