On this beautiful hike overlooking the Nesque gorges discover the charcoal kilns, former "ovens" where charcoal was manufactured.

Until the beginning of 20th century, charcoal was the single combustible in the region. During your walk youcan see some twenty spots and imagine the entire families working around the glowing clods of wood, hearing the sizzling of the fire, generations of sooty faces keeping an eye on the precious smoking dome...

As soon as the weather turned fine again the whole family went to live in the woods. For the charcoal burner's child the forest was his garden and playground.

There, on a prepared area, they built the charcoal kiln, made up of 1.10 metre logs around the fireplace on one or two levels, requiring some 20 tons of wood, recovered by a mix of leaves and clay in order to make the montage tight.