Lavender or lavandin ?

Do you know the difference between lavender and lavandin?


Fine lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) is small and has one flower on each stem. It reproduces by seed. It is also called "population lavender". Used by the greatest perfumers for its delicate fragrance - hence the name "fine lavender" - it grows at altitudes above 800 m. The Plateau of Sault and the Plateau of Albion represent 70% of the cultivation of fine lavender.

Spike lavender (Lavandula Latifolia) grows in the garrigue at altitudes of 0 to 600 m. It is a large plant with several branches and each stem bears several small flowers. It reproduces by seed. Its fragrance is stronger, very camphorated.

Lavandin is a hybrid, i.e. a cross between fine lavender and spike lavender. It is large and has two branches and forms a ball-shaped tuft. It grows from 0 to 800 m altitude all over the world. It is sterile, so it is propagated by cuttings, also known as a clone. It has no medicinal properties and is used industrially to perfume cleaning products and detergents. The lavandin flower is used for sachets to perfume laundry.