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    La Ferme aux lavandes (the lavender farm) is a 5 hectare floral park and botanical conservatory. Lavender has been cultivated here since 1899. The garden collections also host old rose species and rare plants. On the spot : picnic area and direct sale.

    Situated at an altitude of 740m, and 2km from the village of Sault the lavender farm is the story of 5 generations of lavender growers and perfumers.

    A botanical conservatory of lavender, the collection gardens are a blend of old roses and other rare plants.

    Site visit: the lavender fields and the collection gardens can be visited from the end of May to the end of September. Free visit on booking or with a guide by appointment. You will discover the different species of lavender found all over the world, the different varieties cultivated, the history of the plant, cultivation, care, pruning, multiplication, its uses in pharmacology and perfumery. Biodynamic cultivation.

    Picnic area: in the shade of orchards, in the middle of collection gardens, or on the edge of lavender fields, come and have some time to enjoy life and see how beautiful nature is.

    Angora dwarf rabbits and cats roam freely on the farm.

    Tasting area: tasting tables present the farm's products: syrups, flavoured teas, sweets, honeys, biscuits, jams...

    Sale of farm products: farm products are available for direct sale or on the online shop.

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