La maison des producteurs
La maison des producteurs
La maison des producteurs

    Agricultural cooperative of producers in Sault: lavender and its by-products, lavender honey, small spelt from Haute Provence, nougat, crafts, gift ideas.
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    The agricultural cooperative, "la maison des producteurs" is a group of farmers from Sault. Located in the heart of the village, you will find all year round the products of this beautiful region.

    - lavender and lavandin: flowers, bouquets, essential oils

    - honey

    - spelt and flour

    - chickpeas, lentils

    - chestnut cream, jams

    - nougats

    - aromatic and medicinal plants

    - organic and traditional products

    More than 30 years of adaptation and efforts to meet the demands of both local and tourist customers as favourably as possible.

    Enjoy your visit !

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