Feeding freely on the hillsides of the Sault country, goats provide a generous supply of a milk which is flavoured by the plants and aromatic plants that are the basis of their diet. Their delicate scents are found in the resulting cheese.


The villages of Montbrun-les-Bains (12 km from Sault) and Banon (29 km from Sault) celebrate cheeses on the first Sunday of April and on the third Sunday of May.

These characteristic local flavours have created the reputation enjoyed by BANON cheese, a renowned cheese with AOC classification. The Banon cheese is exclusively produced from raw milk and ripened in brown chestnut leaves, bound together by a string of raffia.

Thyme, rosemary, savory, chives, bay are names that are charming to the ear, fragrant to the nose, and delightful on the palate.

Cooked dishes are given flavour by their measured use ; as they range between very strong and extremely subtle, their use is a fine art. The majority can be cultivated, and many grow wild on our hillsides and in our fields. Finding and picking them is always a pleasure, but it mustn’t be taken to excess.

The goatherd is a master at making cheese from the same milk. Production is seasonal, generally from March to November.

You may find these delicious cheeses on the weekly markets or in the cheese dairies !