The bunches are loose, beautiful and the sugar content is perfect. Regular grapes, perfectly healthy and covered with their bloom, their bluish colour...doesn't that make you fancy ?

The Muscat noir AOC du Ventoux. is a local product with a strong identity.

The soil, the environment and the sunshine offer ideal growing conditions that the growers have managed to exploit to produce a quality and typically local grape.

The grapes are sorted directly at harvest time. Shears eliminate the damaged grapes.

The fruit is then delicately placed in a tray.

Each package receives a personalised A.O.C Muscat du Ventoux label.

Muscat du Ventoux has a specific size. The grape cluster must weigh a minimum of 250 grams and be slightly loose and bluish in colour.

The grapes are regular, perfectly healthy and covered with their bloom (natural whitish deposit on the fruit), their colour is uniformly bluish.

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