Since 1887, in Sault, white nougat, black nougat, Provençal macaroons, small spelt cakes, calissons, old-fashioned marshmallows, etc. are produced according to the original recipes.

Made with local lavender honey, harvested in part on the slopes of Mont Ventoux, and regionally produced almonds, it is an authentic nougat that is offered to gourmets.

The unctuous white nougat, puffed and very tender, and the black nougat, delicately caramelised, are two sweets whose taste qualities have not changed for over a century.

The macaroons of Sault, made in the ancestral tradition, incomparable with almonds from Provence, delight the finest palates.

Their soft, smooth consistency, coupled with a delicately bitter taste, is appreciated by connoisseurs.