Your children aren't claustrophobic? Are rather adventurous? Future spelunkers perhaps? Then the outings with Aventure Souterraine in Saint Christol d'Albion are for them!

Softer, the cave of Thouzon will be able to amaze them in another way.


The Albion plateau is one of the most important karstic massifs in France. All underground runoffs come from rainwater infiltration. The whole, as if by magic, arrives in the famous Fontaine de Vaucluse! It is 1100km2 of surface, 450 inventoried cavities of which the deepest descends to -980m. 

Explore the 6th continent with Aventure Souterraine!  Choose your formula: family, discovery, adventure or size. Whatever formula you choose, Adrien, a professional caving guide, will accompany you, attentive to your progress and will share his passion with you.

A karstic walk

A fun activity to approach the underground world and the karstology of the Albion plateau while learning about it with the help of the interpretation panels on the route.

This route, starting from the village of Saint Christol d'Albion, will make you discover the birthplace of the mysterious Fontaine de Vaucluse!

12 panels introduce you to the formation of caves, speleology and geology of the region.

Duration of the walk about 2 hours (2.5 km)

Download the map here, pdf, 431ko

The Cave of Thouzon or the Fairy Cave

A little further on, in the village of Le Thor, a cave hides at the foot of the hill. It is the only cave in the Vaucluse, the fossilized bed of an ancient underground river.

The cave of Thouzon is also called the Fairy Cave ! Stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, gours, cave pearls ..., balancing chimneys, cone of scree, wells, meanders...

It is the finesse and delicacy of the stalactites (2m long for 3mm in diameter) that gives this magic and makes this cave exceptional!