The prefix ‘Ven’ in Ventoux has Celto-Ligurian origins, making it pre-Latin. It means height or a high place. It is also found in Venasque, a village nestled at my feet! I am ‘the mountain that can be seen from far away’, and that is obvious!

I am Mont-Ventoux...

Some say that the origin of my name comes from ‘vent’, meaning wind. It is true that the Mistral wind can be very strong at my summit! But the ‘Ven’ in Ventoux actually has Celto-Ligurian origins, making it pre-Latin. It means height or a high place. It is also found in Venasque, a village nestled at my feet! I am ‘the mountain that can be seen from far away’, and that is obvious!

I am also called the Giant of Provence. I am the only mountain in Vaucluse, located on the northern boundary. My resorts to the north and south are lively in both summer and winter. I am certainly impressive, but the gentleness of my slopes and my tranquil valleys that plunge southwards remind you of how peaceful I can be.

I watch over and tirelessly protect the town and villages of Comtat Venaissin from the top of my 1,909 metres (I used to be 1,912 metres but I have shrunk because of my old age - I am older than the Alps!).

You can reach my summit by road, passing through Bédoin, Malaucène (21km) and Sault (25km), or of course by the countless marked paths. On these paths, the same, centuries-old feelings return!

• The joy of seeing me from afar,

• The sense of satisfaction that you feel after the effort of climbing up me

• The feeling of contemplation upon seeing the breath-taking panoramic views at the summit.

I feel that the locals watch over me and look at me as they pass by everyday. I watch the enthusiasm of the sportspeople who give so much for me, as well as the nature lovers who so deeply respect me. South of my summit, I can admire the Plain of Comtat, the Dentelles de Montmirail, the Monts de Vaucluse, the Rhône Valley, the Cévennes and even the Mediterranean Sea. To the north, I look over the Drône Baronnies and the Alpes du Sud.

I protect and feel protected. This reassures me. I have been recognised as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. I am also a part of the European Natura 2000 network that aims to integrate human activities into the development of natural heritage in the most sustainable way. I provide a home for almost 1,500 plant varieties and over 150 species of birds. I also have chamois, mouflons, stags, roe deer, birds of prey, wild boar and hares. You can even find the meadow viper here which is highly protected because it is so rare.

My biosphere is one-of-a-kind! It is true that I am unusual - I am a mountain in Provence with climates similar to those from the Mediterranean up to Greenland! I welcome protected Arctic plants, Mediterranean plants like thyme, lavender, broadleaved lavender and rosemary, as well as African plants such as pomegranate trees and the Atlas cedar. I am also home to the biggest cedar forest in Europe.

Mont-Serein in summer
Stop and make the most of the activities on offer, with mountain biking trails, challenging hikes to the summit as well as Dévalkart karting on site for children during the afternoons in summer and horse rides, family hikes, an air trampoline, a high ropes course and even a zipwire, and much more. In this little mountain village, you will quickly feel more refreshed in summer and will be sheltered from the mistral wind. You could even spend a few nights in a B&B, camping or in a hotel and take advantage of our delicious restaurants. Mont-Serein in winter In winter (if the conditions allow) Mont-Serein becomes a ski resort with 12km of pistes for Alpine skiing, 7km of pistes for cross-country skiing, 8km of slopes for snow-shoe hikes, as well as a playground and sledging and snowboarding areas so that snow-sports fans can have as much fun as possible.

Bike park on South Ventoux resort in the summer
In the summer, the resort offers three mountain biking trails with managed descents, including wooden units, bumps, jumps and other raised turns. The resort is equipped with a Pumtrack and Skill Centre (perfect for introducing you to snow sports before you hit the slopes). In total there are 5km of publicly accessible trails. There is a ski tow that allows mountain biking fans to easily climb back up the slopes of the Giant of Provence (age restriction of 10 years and over). Day or half-day passes available. Pay attention, as you are not allowed to mountain bike everywhere! You are in a Biosphere Reserve! It is important to stay on the marked slopes! Ventoux Sud resort in winter In winter (if the weather allows) you can enjoy skiing with 7km of slopes, a sledging slope and 30km of cross country skiing routes.


So welcome to my home! It is only natural that I unlock the doors on all this natural beauty for you to enjoy!