St Christol
St Christol - Eglise romane
Foire aux agnelles
Saint Christol d'Albion

    St Christol d'Albion, a village between heaven and earth.
    On the plateau of Albion discover this village which brings together modernity and the preservation of an old architectural heritage.

    Walking along the streets, you will discover sundials, frescoes, a statue of Virgin Mary, houses with door frames with old dates written on them, the Reynier mill, dating back to 1835, or the Romanesque church of the 11th century, listed as an historical monument, a replica of the altar of the church is exhibited at the Musée de l’Homme on the Trocadéro in Paris.

    The Marceau Constantin Museum, on the Place du Cours, is another remarkable place which will surprise you and enchant lovers of the arts.

    At an altitude of 1,100 metres The Notre Dame de l’Amaron chapel was built in 1632 on the ruins of an old hermitage. It offers an exceptional panorama on the Albion plateau,  Mont Ventoux,  Lure Mountain and the Southern Alps.

    This is an ideal location for astronomical observation which the SIRENE observatory, located two steps away from a former military silo, runs throughout the year.

    In addition to this rich heritage, you will get a chance to get a first try at potholing in one of the many pitches managed by the association Accueil Spéléologique du Plateau.

    A 2 km circuit starting at the centre of the village will inform you on this subterranean world and on the karstology of the Plateau d’Albion, thanks to 12 information boards.

    One of these pitches, Cervy, is suited to the needs of beginners and open during the National Potholing  days, during the first weekend of October.

    About events, Saint Christol celebrates lambs and rams on the first Sunday of August and a small market is held each Sunday on the Place du Cours.

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