Childhood memories made as a family are never forgotten! So, take a walk together and have fun on themed hikes and outings. Sheltered in caves, under the trees, suspended in the air or visiting cute animals, the choice is yours!

From farm to farm

La Petite Ferme in Villes sur Auzon offers slightly unusual visits (booking required). Get up close to the farm animals, take a ride in a cart, take a walk with a donkey and enjoy a family picnic. At Reilhanette in the Toulourenc Valley Les Ecuries de Bacchus welcomes you for a carriage ride or for horseback riding. You are invited to La Ferme aux Lamas in Le Barroux. It was the original place to find llamas in Provence. They are also useful for cutting back the brush and their wool makes beautiful clothes. Come and get up close to learn about these strange creatures. End the day with a weaving workshop. Not recommended for children under 7 years old. Venasqu'ânes in Venasque has countless activities on offer. You may be expecting walks with pack donkeys in the Vaucluse Mountains, but trips on all-terrain electric scooters are sure to surprise you! There is even a Trotti’park (scooter park) on the farm (all the activities must be booked. Not recommended for children under 12 years old). Les ânes des Abeilles in Monieux offers independent hikes with a pack donkey on Mont Ventoux and the surrounding area. Step by step, accompanied by donkeys, explore this sweet-smelling countryside and climb up this relatively low mountain range that has little change in altitude. Several packages to suit different tastes are offered: a day, weekend or even multi-destination trips. Leave Ventoux and be immersed in the tropics a few moments later! Le Carbet Amazonien is a butterfly farm in Velleron. It offers a complete change of scenery with a 500m2 greenhouse and stunning tropical plants. They also breed species from our region to teach children and adults about their environment and the world of butterflies.

Welcome to our parks

Here are some suggestions of parks for children. With running model railways, an enchanted forest, a scooter park and a trampoline park, there are hours of fun just waiting to be had! Your tour starts in Saint-Didier at the Jarditrain. Is it really a garden with trains? It sounds unlikely, but trains really do run on railway tracks through a garden filled with shrubs and garrigue. There are also beautiful railway constructions and buildings. Everything is scheduled like in a real train station! With games and puzzles for children, it is an outing that cannot go off track! Just 5km away, an even more whimsical park can be found, called La Forêt Enchantée (The Enchanted Forest). Hidden amongst the garrigue, embark on a fun journey where elves and fairies will guide you to the exit. This park is filled with mysteries to solve, catchphrase-style puzzles, labyrinths and original wooden structures. You can also immerse yourself in a typical Provençal forest! On the side of Monteux, 5km from Carpentras, Parc Spirou will arrive in June! You will also be able to enjoy Wave Island, the water park with giant attractions, at the same time! More sporty activities: The trampoline park in Monteux Go-karting in Monteux The Trotti Park (scooter park) in Venasque Trotee Cime (electric scooters) in Mormoiron

Do you want to try out the high ropes course?
Take in the fresh mountain air and head up to Mont-Serein resort in summer afternoons or stay cool next to the Lac de Mormoiron and book your adventure through the trees with Ventoux Aventure. Mont-Serein high ropes course Amongst the countless family activities, the Mont-Serein resort has set up an acrobatic trail through the trees with 14 platforms and a zip wire so children and teenagers aged 4 to 14 years old can have fun and make the most of the mountain air on summer afternoons. (and keep cool in the summer!) Group prices possible with the resort's other summer activities! Open in summer

Mormoiron high ropes course
3 trails extend up in the air, to the delight of young children (from 3 years old), children (from 6 years old) and adults! The older ones (children at least 1.2m tall and adults) can try out the biggest high ropes course in the region. Enjoy 2 to 3 hours of excitement (for all abilities), 18 zip wires (from 1 to 150 metres) and 2 Tarzan swings. Booking is advised. Open in season

Accroroc in Reilhanette
In a park measuring 2 hectares and filled with trees alongside the Toulourenc river, the Accroroc adventure park offers 3 activity areas for all ages. There is an area designed for children from 3 years old for their first experience. It is just 1 metre off the ground and is made up of 2 trails and 1 zip wire. In the second area there is the cabin trail which allows you to gain some height with a slide and a net chimney and is also accessible. The high ropes trails are accessible for everyone taller than 1.3 metres. Made up of 3 trails of different levels, attached to a safety line, you will travel from tree to tree, coming across a 140m zip wire, having a go at a via ferrata and leaping into the void. We have 785 metres of trails, 7 zip wires, 69 platforms and a picnic area so you can have fun as a family or with friends.