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The Carpentras Canal

The Carpentras Canal, the longest canal in Vaucluse The Canal helped the Comtat plain diversify its crops and become a real garden for early produce at the end of the 19th century. Today, it is about 85km long.

Hiking along the canal

Biking along the canal



The Synagogue - Carpentras

The Synagogue was built in 1367 and restored in the 18th century by architect Antoine D’Allemand. It is the oldest synagogue in France still in activity. It stands as testimony to the Jewish community which sought pontifical protection after being persecuted in the Kingdom of France, and settled here in the Comtat Venaissin in the 13th century.
Open from tuesday to friday at 10am 11am 2pm 3pm 4pm (3pm last entrance on friday)

Bories, strange stone huts

These are truly the oldest historic monuments, constructed at the dawn of time, well before the Romans. But they were continuously destroyed and rebuilt in the same way until the start of this century and the oldest hardly date further back than the 18th century.

Must do: Rural heritage Trail (round-trip hike – 2 hours)

Notre-Dame d'Aubune Chapel- Beaumes de Venise

12th century chapel, historical monument. The name Augune appears to come from the legend of the victory won by Charlemagne at dawn (aube) on this spot. In thanks, he promised to build a chapel to the Virgin Mary. Another legend has it that the Devil was angry to see a chapel go up and started to push an enormous rock. The Virgin touched the rock which stopped on the edge of the precipice - it still stands there today, and apparently is marked with the devil's claw print. The chapel is open at various times depending on the season.


True Cast Iron Lace

The bell towers are real cast iron lace. They shape the Provençal landscape and decorate the heritage of this area, with churches, bell towers and doors that are superbly decorated with this ironwork art in often out-of-the-ordinary shapes.

Visit :

Monolithic sarcophagi- cemetery Mazan

Since the antiquity, the Mazan area is particularly rich with archeological discoveries. These sarcophagus are amongst the most important relics of the Comtat Venaissin. Dating from the 5th and 6th centuries, they are probably the remains of Christian necropolis.

Baptistry of Venasque

The baptistery was built in the 6th century, (possibly on the ruins of a Roman temple) and underwent work in the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries. It was restored in the 19th century by 'Monuments Historiques'.