Beaumont du Ventoux balades
Cerisiers en fleurs
Station du Mont Serein
Vue sur le sommet du Ventoux depuis le Mont Serein

    The mountain village of Beaumont du Ventoux (317 inhabitants) stands in the North Western part of the Ventoux mountains, in a closed valley of fresh, fertile land stretching for 8 km.

    It has an area of 2,816 hectares and its altitude varies from 351m up to 1,909m on Mont Ventoux. What makes Beaumont du Ventoux unique is that it is not an agglomeration, but is made up of nine hamlets, which are called L’Eglise, Les Cabanes, Piolon, Pierlaud, La Tuilière, Les Valettes, Sainte-Margueritte and Les Alazards. For the past forty years the ninth hamlet has been a ski resort on Mont Serein (altitude: 1,400m).

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