Vue de Caromb
Caromb Allée des Pins
Caromb Beffroi
Caromb Préfantasti
Eglise de Caromb
Caromb fontaine
Caromb lac du Paty

    Caromb is a picturesque Provençal village backing onto the south side of Mount Ventoux.

    Caromb has a rich terroir. They are a producer of AOC Ventoux wines, all refined whether they are red, rosé or white, as well as large black figs that have a subtle taste and mouth-watering colour.


    The 14th century Romanesque church which houses a Baroque Italian organ; ramparts, the remains of its feudal past; the Place du Château; the bell tower dating from 1562; the Baisse quarter which has retained some traces of its beautiful medieval houses, including the old hospital.


    The trail of fountains in the village; the Circuit des Lutrins heritage trail; picnics and swimming in the Lac du Paty (lock); the trail of Pré Fantasti Manor; the little rural heritage trail.

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