Malamort du Comtat
Malemort du Comtat
Malemort du Comtat
Malemort du Comtat

    Malemort-du-Comtat is built on a limestone hill at the bottom of a funnel shaped valley in which grape, cherry trees and olive trees grow.

    At the centre of the village, you will walk by beautiful arched doorways and old houses, gathered around Notre Dame de l’Assomption church, built in the thirteenth century. An altar piece and several wooden statues covered in gold and made by Bernus decorate the inside of the church.

    Of the old fortifications there only remains the vestiges of a tower amidst more recent buildings.

    A beautiful fountain built in 1759, listed as a Historical Monument, faces the arched door of the Republic.

    The Malemort cherry belongs to the “Cerises des Monts de Venasque” category, the jewel cherry of the national production, of which Vaucluse is the first producer.

    The AOP Muscat du Ventoux black grape is another leading product of the region, cultivated on slopes at an altitude of more than 200 metres. It is harvested in September at full maturity, and decorates the tables.

    Last but not least, olive oil, produced solely from the Aglandau and Verdale de Carpentras varieties. Olives are picked and sent to the La Colombe oil mill in December. There, you will discover the traditional process of extraction: millstone grinding an cold pressing without any hot water.

    Each year on the last Sunday of June, the cherry’s fair celebrates this local fruit.

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