Le Beaucet
Le Beaucet
Le Beaucet
Le Beaucet
Le Beaucet
Le Château du Beaucet

    Built along the rocky hilltop, the village of Le Beaucet thrives around its medieval castle. The 12th century church is well worth a visit. The miraculous Saint Gens spring is nearby. The church holds art work depicting Saint Gens' miracles and many ex-voto.


    The two impressive doors of the ancient city fortress.

    The view and the castle ruins, its esplanade and the stairs carved into the rock that lead there.

    Its restored 12th century church

    Its ‘Baumes’ and ‘Bories’

    The Jardin de Robert, a landscaping experiment created by Gianni Buratonni and Yves Abrioux in homage to Hubert Robert's love of Provence.

    The Chapelle Saint Etienne (outside of the village) which was destroyed in 1573 and rebuilt in 1840.

    The Place Castel Loup where, under the wash house, you can admire a trompe l’œil in the fresco created by the students of Beaucet’s studios.

    The Hermitage St Gens

    TO DO:

    Summer exhibition at the Château


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