Chapelle du Ventouret

    The chapel Notre Dame des Anges or the chapel of Ventouret is located on the road to Mont Ventoux.

    The chapel was built in 1682 on the initiative of the inhabitants and was named "l'Assomption de Notre-Dame".

    On 27 September 1695, the bell was blessed by the bishop of Carpentras and the chapel took the name of "Notre-Dame des Anges". The first servant was Jean-Etienne Béranger in 1698.

    After the plague of 1720, it was dedicated to "Saint Roch" and the cult was celebrated there until 1902. Thereafter, abandoned (as was the hamlet due to the rural exodus), it fell into ruin, as did the small adjacent cemetery. It was restored to its original state by a few inhabitants of the village of Aurel between 2000 and 2003.

    Visitors can now admire it again on their way up to Mont Ventoux.

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