You can marvel at the unique landscape of the lavender fields normally from mid June in the lower areas until mid August in the mountains. It depends also on the different species of lavender and the weather conditions.

When does lavender bloom ?

The full flowering period for lavender on the Sault plateau is in the first half of July, followed by lavandin from mid-July to mid-August.

Depending on the weather conditions, the flowering period may vary by a few days, and the picking and harvesting are also dependent on the weather: if it is too dry and hot, the harvest is brought forward, and if it rains, it is delayed.

But lavender is worked all year round!

Summer in full swing !

July begins with the harvest of bouquets by hand, from mid-July to mid-August you can see the tractors proceeding to the mechanical harvest of lavender and lavandin bringing them to the distilleries.

Ideal time to discover the two distilleries at Sault :

Distillery Aromaplantes 

Distillery of Vallon des Lavandes 



When autumn comes...

the old 10 year old plantations should be uprooted and the soil prepared for the new spring plantations by removing the large stones.

During the winter months

In December, January and February the complete fertiliser is spread and the first light ploughing or hoeing is carried out to bury the fertiliser.

In spring

When spring begins to show its face, it is time to get busy with planting and transplanting the plants.

In March, when the soils begin to defrost, fine lavender seedlings are collected from the nurseries and then planted as bare-root seedlings in the prepared land. With the help of a wheel equipped with clamps that take the plants one by one, the plants are planted and spaced 30 cm apart. 

Did you know that there are different types of lavender? Discover these plants by meeting the lavender producers.