Climbing has been developing around the village of Venasque for almost 10 years. Currently 2 sectors are equipped for climbing. The first in the valley of the "Quinsan" district to the south of the village and the second "Saint Pierre" to the west, under the Jouvenal plateau. Almost 700 routes from 5b to 8a.

The climbing areas of Venasque

The first one is in the valley of the "Quinsan" district to the south of the village and the second one "Saint Pierre" to the west;

In between are the sectors of "La Source" and "Place de l'Ascle". The Saint Pierre sector is the largest and most varied, it is accessed via the Jouvenal plateau, which allows you to enjoy the view of the village and the surrounding area. One sector in the Gorges de la Nesque and three sectors in the mounts of Vaucluse in the Combe de Sénanque and the Combe de Murs. These last sectors perfectly complete the exceptional climbing offer around the village.




The quotation of sites

The variety and difficulties (from 4a to 8B+) on offer make it a site worthy of interest for climbers who wish to stay for several days in the village and the region.

The average difficulty is around 6c/7a, rather reserved for experienced climbers. The quality of the equipment allows everyone to practise sport in complete safety. Climbing is possible all year round thanks to the different orientations:

When it is (not too much!) hot, "Quinsan" from midday; "St Pierre" at the beginning of the afternoon. The Monts de Vaucluse in the morning or late afternoon When it is (...) cold: "St Pierre" in the morning. The cliffs of the Combe de Murs in the morning ... In the off-season it is possible to vary between all these sectors.

Paths and car parks have been laid out to facilitate access to the different areas. It is imperative to respect these places and this particularly beautiful natural environment, as well as those who live and work there.