The legendary mountain of Mont-Ventoux gives hikers the most beautiful panoramic views. From the summit, the magnificence of the sunset is unparalleled. This is a hike not to be missed in the heart of the unique moonlit countryside. Excitement, sharing and friendship are all part of the journey.

On the Chemin des Crêtes, the group, with rucksacks on their shoulders, tackled the gentle ascent towards the moon!
The forest below opened out onto rocky ground scattered with spruce trees. We took a spontaneous and well-deserved rest, looking out over the exceptional panoramic view of Les Dentelles de Montmirail up to Cévennes. Amazement awaited us at the summit!
Colours contrasted between the savannah yellow of the pastures, the white of the rocks, the bright blue of the sky and the forest green on the side of the mountain. This brightness ignited our imaginations and made us forget our climb! So, take your time!

Heading to the high screes on the summit of Ventoux

On the Chemin des Hauts Éboulis we were captivated by the view over the north slope. The long, green stretches and summits of the Baronnies and the Alpes du Sud could be seen.
All ears, we gathered excitedly around the guide. Alone between two slopes, we went and explored, spending a quiet moment in nature to remember this moment forever.
The sun's rays gradually fell in the sky, stirring us and reminding us that we were there to see it set! The home of the Ventoux chamois Fully immersed in the panoramic views, the guide's expert eye led us towards a fantastic scene. We could see a resting chamois and a female with her kid climbing peacefully up the mountain.
We knew that witnessing this magical sight was a privilege. Reverence overwhelmed us. We could clearly see how content these strange mountain goats were!

The unmissable ritual of the sunset

Unforgettable colours mixed at the summit, between yellow, orange and our shadows. Feeling happily content, we brought out the picnic. It was a delicious reward to enjoy up amongst the clouds.
The sunset approached more quickly. The sun impressed with its grandeur, lighting up the sky and dazzling us. The deep orange-red created a mystical atmosphere and then disappeared...

The night time descent of Ventoux

In the dark but bright with joy, we chatted and marvelled at the lights across the plain, trying to make out the different villages. Nature was silent but we were not. There was too much excitement. The light from the torches brought us closer and we felt full of laughter and high spirits in the good-natured atmosphere. It was as easy coming back as it was getting there.
The excitement made us forget about the walk.