An easy loop to discover the wonderful blue lavender fields of Ferrassières which make this village so charming.

Duration: 2h30 Distance: 5 km Height difference: 160 m

From the car park of the Ho!Bouquets de Lavande farm, go up the tarmac road to the village. At the first crossroads, turn left and go towards the church. Turn right onto the road which climbs between the church and the fountain and becomes a path after 200m.

Bathed in light, the first fields of lavender and lavandin appear ahead of you with a stunning backdrop of Mont Ventoux. The sign "Ho! Bouquets de lavande" marks the beginning of the lavender botanical trail on which you will find explanatory panels on lavender, lavandin, but also honey, almonds, and the rotation of lavender and lavandin cultures.

At the top, turn left to go back down, still following the lavender fields bordered by almond trees. On your left you will see a fully restored borie. When you reach the D189, cross it, take the path opposite and reach a magnificent weeping willow. Take the path on the left, follow it to the cemetery and then to the village.

Walk suggested by Daniel Villanova