A 2-hour loop on the heights of Mormoiron with the feeling of being on a balcony, the eye is drawn to the vineyards and orchards of the plain with the majestic Mont Ventoux in the background!

At the car park, take the road to the right and then continue on the Chemin du Ratonneau to the right. Leave the Chemin de Oliviers on your right and continue straight on towards the Mas de Carboussan. Continue on the chemin de Carboussan, leaving the chemin des Violettes on your right.
After the former quarry on your right, continue straight on to the top of a small hill. You arrive on a flat area where 4 tracks start, take the rightmost track although the yellow marks are crossed out. Continue on the path, passing a house with blue shutters on the left and a second one on the right. After approx. 1 km you will come to a crossroads. Take the one opposite, follow the track and then walk along an unkept vineyard on your left. On the ridge, take a sharp right, passing under a small cypress hedge.
The view of the plain, the silt and Mont Ventoux is remarkable from here!

Follow the balcony track and take the first path on the right that goes down. Just before you reach the road, join the gravel path, turn left and then left again on the path that goes up through the woods. At the first path you come across (faint blue mark on the stone floor), turn right to reach the remains of St Alban's chapel.
Opposite the wall of this chapel, take the path on the left and go down past the vines on the right to return to the path taken on the way out. Find the intersection of the tracks and take the path down to the village.

Then take the Chemin de St Alban in the right-hand bend, marked in yellow, continue on the Chemin des Oliviers and find the road that goes down to the village to reach the post office car park.

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